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一峰二汶好天氣演唱會,我的第一個在紅館看的演出,正!一峰二汶,從獨立音樂到紅館,這段路一路走來,一定不簡單。林一峰,從05年開始關注的清新聲線,不知不覺他的歌已經陪伴了好幾年的時間。06年11月第一次在中山大學看他的mini concert,然後到07年6月的星海暢遊,兩次他在廣州的演出都到場了,到了09年,終於在紅館,他的第一次,我也是。


開場時的第二首歌《突然獨身》恍惚把時間拉回到05年,究竟我是先看那本書還是先聽到這首歌的呢,大概已經不記得了。當年還是「青春少艾」,對所有都充滿好奇和憧憬,現在雖然還未算老人精,但要試的也差不多試過了。演唱會中,一峰澄清少爺占結婚傳聞,說這一定是假的,「因為我未應承」,然後就唱出《19》。噢,06年的11月,剛剛告別19歲,帶著初戀去看一峰,現在回頭看,多麼的幼稚啊!07年,身邊的那位已經不再了,換成與好友一同在華麗的星海靜靜地欣賞靜靜地興奮。一年前,我還期待另一本小說的結局,一年後,當另一個憧憬消失的時候,我除了快些練習《重回布拉格》好讓我1月去布拉格的時候唱之外,就是繼續安慰自己說,《The Best is Yet to Come》。



The night was my first time attending in the famous stage, Hong Kong Coliseum, to enjoy a concert. And also it was the first time for Chet to perform there, as a symbol of becoming success in Hong Kong’s entertainment industry. Started to pay attention to Chet, then followed him in his first mini concert in Mainland in Sun Yat-sen University in 2006, and Xing Hai Chang You, means Travelogue in the Stars Sea, in Canton’s Xinghai Concert Hall. Finally, in 2009, I am here in Hong Kong.

The concert drew me back to the 2005 or 2006, the memories suddenly comes up. Waiting for the show in SYSU with my first lover, then broken up before his second show in Canton, my indie magazine More!, and my ex-es and other affairs. OH!!!

"Can have a one night stand if you got a chance, back to the wonder land see some long lost friends?” After singing so many times, I still don’t know where is my wonder land, and moreover, can ONS heal your broken heart is still a question after experiencing.

One year ago, dreaming a happy ending like the fiction Party Animal, then one year later, another longing disappeared again. All I can do now is preparing Chet’s Song Back to Prague for my Prague trip in January, and singing The Best is Yet to Come.


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