Like in chaos, my life is full of unknowns and uncertains these days.
To clear up one of my confusions, I spent one hour in the subway from Tianhe to the "desert island" with my inpulsion and courage.
However, after my first time of taking the "flying motorcycle", having dinner in Uni-Mall of Higher Education Mega Center, having a long walk to the MTR station, taking the late train, and using the immersion heater, the answer is still unknown.
Is it too fast? too serious too soon?
Another trifle that annoying me is the exam which is really a hard task for me, like the mission impossible, forcing me with great pressure.
Maybe the people who take the exam would become mad and lost.
Thank you for my frds keeping on encouraging me and telling me "Willy for sure".
Moreover, I would distinguish my direction.
The confusions is still there, but my gloomy feeling has been swept over.
Willy is still on his way.
and he won’t walk away.

About William Lo

2 Responses to chaos

  1. zile says:

    我经常去你们MAINPAGE的 ,但都没怎么更新


  2. cici says:

    i really like this pic.~ to be honest~ one will surely have the sense of uncertainty and lost sometimes~
    especially when one is under great pressure and feels lonely~~~just like me~~~hehe~~~
    "just wanna c the world"~ this is absolutely accepted.
    i envy the ones who can carry  a bag on theris shoulders and travel around the world~~~
    u r really on ur way~~ do not get any  regret ~~
    just imagine~ when i am too old to walk, i will remember i have been all over the earth and have enjoyed the beauty of the world~~how wonderful this feeling is ~~


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