Cousin’s Wedding

it is true that my cousin’s wedding tonight was sooooooooooo sweet
according to the Chinese traditions, they held a dinner party tonight
however, they chose the half-western style to have a buffet dinner instead of the unnecessary and overelaborate formalities

everyone seemed to enjoy themselves
but the bad news is that my cousins are coming to the wedding period
that is to say that the family members in my generation are going to be urged to get married
how to handle???!


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5 Responses to Cousin’s Wedding

  1. liu says:

    = = ||| 我家族这一代未结婚的里的最大的就是我…让我DIE吧~


  2. Lydia says:

    i really want to know hen you will get marry neh =P
    btw, you cousin\’s suit seems to be a bit…funny =]


  3. Chris says:

    Be urged to get married……….Wish you good luck


  4. Dan says:



  5. Kaykay ♡...Qiqi says:



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