Friday, the first day to take part in the Training program of Radio Foshan. The lecture, which was like the EYT programs recently, reviewed the growing process of the radio, with laughters and tears. I am looking forward to the following lectures and the internship opportunities for learning editing, recording, or even on-air program.

AND, finally, i experienced an amazing adventure in Willis‘s car and the "ice-skin-mooncake" box…hahaha….



Saturday, something more amazing come into me…

Together with Willis and DjFAT, I watch my first modern dance in Guangdong Modern Dancing Theater. To be honestly, it really quite hard for me to get to know the meaning. However, according to DjFAT, only the abnormal ones can get to know the core meaning, so just follow your own ideas and your personal understanding.

The show, which name is [Non]existentialism, divided into 2 parts, Playhouse and Blue Picasso. The two parts are quite different from each other. The 1st part, Playhouse, present in the theater, is too firm and restrained for me. The 2nd part, an improvised dance performances taken place in a real cafe setting, might had been interesting, coz it performed outside the theater. However, the audiences, including me, could not be involved to the dance, but just watch the dancers seriously.

After the show, Willis led us to a bar 喜窝 in 水蔭路, with Eagle Ho, one of the dancer, who is a legendary dancer I think. The atmosphere there was quite good with a band show. But it was really to crowed, we could not even find a place to buy a drink. Therefore we decided to have a talk outside with the mood that penetrating from the bar.

Eagle was quite cute. We exchanged the ideas and feeling of the show. But most of the time, I just kept listening because I am not so professional to discuss, haha….

Perhaps, More! would have an interview with Eagle. And I hope I can handle it.

DjFAT reminded me that I should treasure the opportunities and never forget how can I get them. It’s true that I have been so lucky since the competition. Moreover, surely, I know how the luck come into me.


Today and tonight, something happened. I wanna say something, but not now.

And now, I should face the reality of taking a shower with cold water in a cold winter mid-night.





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6 Responses to [Non]existentialism

  1. Tsar says:



  2. William says:



  3. YALU says:



  4. Alick says:

    这是我自己的网站 http://www.new-age.com.cn


  5. Eva says:

    I know…being part of a show is so much fun…even its only audio..
    here in LA…we had a lot of chances to go on TV shows…
    just go to Hollywood and look HOTTT…
    u will grab all the attention from ppl….haha
    anyways~good luck


  6. Unknown says:

    willy, 喜窝好似曾经上过《城市画报》,the blue PICASSO我好似系《周末画报》扫过下。。。
    oh ,sb\’s msn is “lovesm”。。。


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