A statement or an argument based on a false or an invalid inference.
n. 謬誤
i have been being sick all the week and even worse yesterday
so i decided to go back home and see the doctor
in order to let myself recover as soon as possible
i took the initiative in asking the doctor to let me have an I.V
here comes a fallacy that i am learning in the writing class of NOS
The writer (Willy himself) presents us an assumption that if he took I.V, his Influenza might be cured soon. He regards taking I.V as the sole reason leading to his recovery. And whether Willy is getting better or not remains unknown…..
it reminded me that there is a lesson in the Advanced English textbook this semester Love is a Fallacy. I should re-read the text for learning the kinds fallacies.
The BH (彪悍的) teacher from NOS informed us that every lyrics is a fallacy except Jacky Cheung’s 她來聽我的演唱會. When the BH woman cited this example, she played the song in the class immediately…..
the lyric is easy to make me cry.
and also it reminds me a film Innocent, of which Chinese name is 只愛陌生人.
the words「離不開,留不低,只為男人這東西」are subheaded in the cover.
i reviewed the film last week when i got to know something.
i realize that i have totally overcome.
coz the flu, Willy forget that there is no Nov.31
so he missed Guangzhou Design Week and iMart
and a reason to ………
Willy go go go!
chase your hero!

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