Examining Yourself before Planning Your Future

  然後問題環節。個風趣幽默嘅老師令我仲驚。佢問(大概係咁)u said u should examine yourself. u know urself, right? can u tell us what abilities do u have and do u lack of? 好彩,問題唔算刁鑽。不過我都有答非所問,dum下波鐘先。i tried to examine myself quite long before. what abilities do i have and do i lack of? for example, i am standing here and pretending to be confident, but actually i am a shy boy sometimes. my dream is to be a journalist. i am interested in journalism and news….but i am lack of some abilities of communication with other ppl. i should try my best to improve myself to achieve my dream, esp the weak points. 是但啦,dum夠一分鐘。台下反應都幾好。最後60選20選6,我以0.5分的優勢,代表學院參加學校的初賽。唉,好彩用翻呢篇稿,唔使寫過篇。
Apr. 13.2006

  Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Today my topic is Examining Yourself before Planning Your Future.
  Everyone should face his or her future career. As a student, like us, do we get ready for it?Your career road signs will provide clues about who you are, what you like, and what you do best.
  When making significant career or education decisions, firstly, it is important to recognize a few key characteristics about yourself so that you make choices that are well suited for you. Before making decisions about your future career, examine yourself. Reflect on your passions desires and values. Specifically, it is helpful to clearly understand what you are interested in, what your strengths and abilities are, what your personality type is, and what is valuable to you. Having self-awareness about these attributes will help you choose a career that will bring a sense of satisfaction. But how? In my opinion, knowing more people and travelling to more places will help you know yourself better.
  Next, you should figure out what your true needs are and what motivates you. Many people are motivated by money and material things while others are motivated by making a difference for art or literature. Some have a strong desire to have a family and to nurture children. A lot of people want to avoid being dependent while others could not care less about independence. Some want to have power while others simply don’t want that kind of responsibility. Many people have a need to be socially accepted and to be involved with people while others are loners. For some people beauty and creativity provide happiness. The definition of success is quite different for each one. So you should think about it before planning your future.
  After knowing yourself better and choosing which kind of life you want, it is time for you to work for your future. Aim your goal and make it come true. Accumulate your knowledge through learning inside the textbook. Seizing the time, trying hard and working efficiently, that are all we know. How about not just learning from the textbook? A human being is involved in the society inevitably. How to cope with other people, cope with the society are the most important part that we, college students in China, should learn. The One Child Policy, the education system problem and many other social issues urge us to improve our ability of communication and develop our personal characters.
  In conclusion, examine yourself before planning your future. And work it out earlier.


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10 Responses to Examining Yourself before Planning Your Future

  1. Kong says:

    How rich you are!


  2. Wen says:

    face something 用加个for吗?


  3. 助人为乐、关心集体、热爱班级的小韵韵 says:



  4. William says:

    to 豬哼哼:
    to Kit:
    to Kong:


  5. says:



  6. snow says:

    shy boy??


  7. 小wing says:

    再就是我老觉得do we get ready for it?是不是应该用should we好一点?


  8. Janice says:



  9. cici says:

    i am an illiterate~ ~ ~ but i know~the most important thing is not what you talk about but how your performance is on the platform~~ i am so confident of you ~~~~^_^


  10. Unknown says:



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