too much

the same place……
the same discounted tickets…..
八珍煎餃 is very delicious
the film The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is good but worse than i expected
i can guess the ending of the film
but i enjoyed the 2.5 hrs in the cinema
the same No.22 bus
but a new place we got down
quite a long walk to another bus station
but finially, the Bus夜34 appeared
before i took the taxi
i bought a 糯米雞 at 7-11
but there wasn’t mj sugarcane juice
what a pity
from Grandview Mall to 躍進南, the taxi costed RMB19
less than i thought
fortunately, there still was a little hotwater at 11:30PM
i thought too much, so the plan was destroyed
i felt so sorry
i should change myself
not to think too much quite often
but i am really happy these days

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6 Responses to too much

  1. Nicole says:

    果然係english major ~


  2. Yue. Christie says:

    has been destroyed?!……


  3. snow says:



  4. Unknown says:

    sorry to hear that~~
    but don\’t worry
    things will go well!


  5. Alice says:

    aiya~~both of u r 自戀啦!!~唔使客氣喔!!~XD*wuahahahaha*~~~i want 八珍煎餃 as well!!!~~~~~dim gai last time me went bak mo duc eat??!..TT^TT…


  6. •°o。♡shushu♡。o°• says:



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