finally, the postman came.

someone cited the words from Lindsay.
I wait for the postman to bring me a letter.
Finally, the postman came and i got the mail from abroad.
it’s just a x’mas card.
but i still feel exciting and happy.
did we lose correspondence?
i don’t think so.
when u come back.
we r still good frds.

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7 Responses to finally, the postman came.

  1. Giby says:

    English Major!系I wait for the postman"""""TO""""""" bring me a letter!@@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. •°o。♡shushu♡。o°• says:



  3. Min says:



  4. 建勋 says:

    Quiero mi escuela,¡qué Lástima no puedo regresar a ella!哇,吴风的头发………………你们都好吗?LO记似乎是越来越出色啦……


  5. Janice says:



  6. Unknown says:

    internet draw me mad!!! i am too sleepy!!! the third time to reply!!!!just about my f Shadowshe sent a X\’mas card to me while i was sickcannot sleep cannot eatloven her for she s a girl had never known what s love before came across me!loven her for she s a girl whose writing feels like boiling water that i have never seem before and really affect my composition deeply!!words on the cardnone moved me but each cleaned my heart and washed away my tiredoh so happyonly one x\’mas gift from friendthat s enough yetand the other ~~~ the owner always too busy to remember to give me ! u r my f !? oh yes ? oh please !!!


  7. 建勋 says:



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